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Oh My Wordz Trivia

This game is so EASY.

You just guess the word or answer the trivia question on the screen, drag and drop the letters into the answer block (easy right? lol).

A few things you should know:
Points are awarded at 10 points for each letter in the answer.

Tap the StoneySoft Logo at the bottom of screen to get a new question. Please Note, 20 points will be deducted for each question you skip.

Once you have earned at least one gold bar and have registered on the Score Board, you can then play online against other players to earn extra fake money.

The SETTINGS button allows you to chose from 13 different Question Packs and 6 Hint Levels to make it fun for Everyone.

The Animation button will allow you to adjust the games Graphics and Audio settings to enhance play experience.

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**CAUTION: To be all inclusive, this game is not censored in any way at this time. This App is based on a Complete English Dictionary from 1913. In addition, there are many more thousands of entries added that have entered the language since such time. This includes some slang and cuss words for completeness. You may find certain words offessive or seemingly inappropriate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*Have Fun and Good Luck :)

P.S. While great care is taken to insure accuracy of all questions, StoneySoft shall not be held responsible for possible errors or omissions; no matter how crazily wrong they may be. This App is provided solely for Entertainment purposes.

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